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Camp Liberty



Cost: Free

Par: 30


Difficulty: 6

Creativity: 10

Atmosphere: 10


Hello from Baghdad!  I’m Chris Royal, designer of the ARC Mini Golf Course here on Camp Liberty.  The course was built from scrap lumber and an old shade tent (used as the putting surface) and green marking paint.  The holes are Red Cross coffee mugs, inserted in the ground.  Of the 9 holes we have a couple of favorites, one being a tilted ramp with 30 nails tapped in (like an old pinball machine).  You hit the ball up and then it bounces back down towards the hole.  Another curves and dips around a date palm (eat some dates while you wait!!).  We have a couple water hazards, but come July…No water.


If you are in Baghdad…for some reason…come by and give it a go….


Reviewed by Chris Royal

Reviewed in 2010


Visitor Review #2




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Visitor Review #2 (2010)


Cost: Free (thanks to a 12 month tour)

Par: 30


Difficulty: 6

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 1


The difficulty in this course arises from the life and death commute getting to the course.  Assuming you don't get AQI blowing you up it makes for a great night out.  I would rate the atmosphere are "sucks".  The tourist season is between Oct 30 and Nov 2...other than that its either hot as hell, wet and muddy, or dusty and windy.  The price is admission, all the food you can eat at the DFAC and an exciting location


Reviewed by SGM Andy

Reviewed in 2010