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Connecticut State Museum of Natural History

University of Connecticut

2019 Hillside Road

Storrs, CT 06269

(860) 486-4460


Cost: Free

Par: N/A


Difficulty: 1

Creativity: 3

Atmosphere: 7


This is a temporary 2 hole mini golf on the 2nd floor of the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History.  It has an archaeology theme with archaeological equipment such as a tripod for a total station, fake bones, books, shovels, and a screen bordering the holes.  These holes were designed by the Museum’s Director, and they have been set up for a number of occasions.  Most recently these holes were played by children participating in an Archaeology Field School for Kids sponsored by the Kids Are Scientists Too program.  This field school was lead by Mandy, co-founder of The Putting Penguin.  (And I have to admit, it was a lot more popular than having the kids wash and inventory the artifacts they had excavated earlier in the program!)


I would recommend this to anyone who is checking out the Museum to take the time to stop by the large classroom on the 2nd floor and play the “course.”  And check out our KAST display the kids created that’s in the same room!


Reviewed by Mandy

Reviewed in 2011




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Archaeology Mini Golf                Archaeology Mini Golf                Archaeology Mini Golf





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