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950 N. Flamingo Road

Pembrooke Pines, FL 33028

(954) 441-1333


Price: $7.00

Par: 39?(Course A), ? (Course B) Other Activities: Batting cages, driving range, pro shop


Course A Course B

Difficulty: 6 Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 5 Creativity: 5

Atmosphere: 6 Atmosphere: 5


While this may be one of the few miniature golfs in the greater Ft. Lauderdale area, it ranks right around average in every category. We played the A course at night one day and came back to play the B course during the day. Overall the greens were in good condition and though some of the cups were shallow, we had no bounce-outs, which is always a plus. However, there were a ton of loose bricks on the course and in sections the greens were not very well swept. For most part the holes played as one expected they would except for hole #4 on the B course. This hole is supposed to be designed so that you putt it into the river and the water brings the ball down to the lower green. However, the two balls we tried to get in there stopped in the river and the third bounced out of the river completely (because we tried to hit it harder to avoid it being stuck like the first two). It was poor execution on what is normally a fun twist. The B course pays a little easier than the A course but neither are too challenging, especially if you have played the course more than once. While some holes on each of the courses showed signs of creativity (for an adventure style course), it didnt carry through to all the holes on the course and towards the end of the rounds the holes started to look the same.


Overall the atmosphere was only average for the two courses because the course didnt put any effort into the little things (mostly because the mini golf was secondary to the Pro Shop and Driving Range). The scorecards werent real scorecards, rather they were just strips of paper. The par was not listed on the scorecard. In addition, the little stands at each hole that were supposed to show the par for the hole were often missing or in various states of disrepair. The free game is a Plinko style device, though it was only offered to us on one of the two occasions we played. However, the courses are spread out and easy to get around and the landscaping was appropriate for a pleasant miniature golf experience. Wed play the course again if in the area, but would not go out of our way to recommend it as a must play.


Reviewed by Pat, Bill & Matt

Reviewed in 2008




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