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260 S Court St.

Medina, OH 44256

(330) 721-1224


Cost: $11

Par: 32


Difficulty: 8

Creativity: 10

Atmosphere: 10


Super cool indoor mini golf course. A little tougher to play on par because of the floor patterns, primarily being a 3D mini golf course (you can play without the 3D glasses) The holes are super creative and tons of fun, lots of shortcut hole options. Very cool snack bar with an alien crash site themed fish tank and Men In Black Movie props, that also offers beer as well as standard mini golf fare between the front and back 9. Super cool authentic sci-fi movie props sprinkled throughout the course.


Reviewed by Jordan Bolin

Reviewed in 2019


Visitor Review #2







Visitor Review #2 (2021)


Price:  $11.95

Par:     Not listed


Difficulty: 7

Creativity: 10

Atmosphere: 10                                                                    


This is now my second favorite miniature golf course that I have ever played, second only to the now departed and greatly missed Perils of The Lost Jungle. Like that course, this one has an incredible amount of detail, including animatronic figures and hand carved, custom decorations, all supporting a consistent science-fiction theme. In addition to the original artwork and design, the course also contains movie props, including a Sleestak from 2009's "Land of the Lost", and a B9 Robot from "Lost in Space" which lights up, moves and speaks, and was signed by Will Robinson himself, actor Bill Mumy. Other highlights to this indoor, 3D course include a Rube Goldberg-like ball return on the 19th hole. The owner and lead artist also has more sci-fi props and memorabilia that he plans to add to the course, so much so that he plans on re-naming the course "The Hollywood Science Fiction Movie Museum." They also run special themed events around the year, such as a "May the Fourth Day" or "Harry Potter" special, so check the website for details. Finally, if that were not enough, for the dedicated film buff, this is part of a complex that includes "Castle Noel" a year round indoor Christmas attraction which includes vintage department store window displays as well as props from classic Christmas films, such as the infamous camper from National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation." This attraction is a separate admission, however, and contains no mini-golf.


Reviewed by Delano Lopez

Reviewed in 2021